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To identify the best immunization strategy, we need to ask you a few questions regarding your project. We use this form as a starting point for new antibody development projects, and this service is non-binding and free-of-charge.

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Antibody Characteristics
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Target Information
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*What properties apply to the antigen?
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*Do you have the cDNA encoding the antigen?
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*Has the antigen been successfully expressed in mammalian cells?

*Do you have the antigen as a purified protein?
If yes, which system was used to generate the antigen?
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Target Sequence
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Please note that the accession number must be identical in sequence and length to the variant of your antigen.
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Target Sequence
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*Should the antibody focus on a specific region of the antigen?
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Additional Information
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*Should the antibody cross-react with a closely related family member within the species?
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*Should the antibody cross-react with an orthologous protein in a different species?
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*Have you used other technologies before to generate antibodies against this target?
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Additional Services
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Antibody Production & Purification
Antibody Characterization
Antibody Labeling
Antibody Sequencing
Identification of Antibody Sandwich Pairs
DNA Vaccine Screening
Plasmid Manufacturing
Protein Production & Purification